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Product Guarantee for Fox Machinery


1.1 This guarantee applies only to Machinery (Machinery is anything with an electric Motor)
Accessories (Including Woodturning Chucks) only carry a 1 year guarantee

1.2 FOX UK supply machinery through a network of authorised dealers. It should be noted that your contract of sale is with the retailer from whom you purchased this product.

1.3 If you are not satisfied with this product you should in the first instance approach the retailer from whom you purchased it. Any damage must be reported within 14 days of receipt of goods.

1.4 Returning your product with a proof of purchase will assist in any claims procedure. We recommend that this is returned as close to your original purchase date as possible.

1.5 Problems arising from incorrect setup, adjustment or maintenance are the responsibility of the end-user and not covered by the terms of this guarantee. However support is available in the first instance from the retailer who supplied you and free technical support is available from
FOX UK on 01592 656188. We also recommend that users should seek such training locally before using or attempting to set up and adjust any machinery (please contact your retailer for recommendations in your local area).


2.1 In addition to the above, FOX UK guarantees that for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase, the components of this product will be free from defects caused by faulty construction or manufacture.
1st year Parts & Labour, 2nd & 3rd years - Parts only.
Note: Some industrial models only carry 12 months guarantee (As advised in the Fox catalogue beside the product) Chucks and accessories also only carry a 1 year guarantee

2.2 It is essential that you complete and return a completed Guarantee certificate within 30 days of purchase to validate your guarantee.

2.3 For minor faults, a parts list should be requested. The faulty part should be identified and advised to FOX UK.

2.4 During this period FOX UK will repair or replace free of charge, at their discretion, any parts which are proved to be faulty in accordance with paragraph 2.1 above provided that:

2.4.1 You follow the claims procedure.

2.4.2 We are given a reasonable opportunity after receiving notice of the claim to examine the product.

2.4.3 If asked to do so by us you return the product to FOX UK premises or other approved premises such as those of the retailer, for examination.

2.4.4 The fault in question is not caused by continuous industrial use, accidental damage, fair wear and tear, wilful damage, negligence on the users part, incorrect electrical connection,
unapproved modification, abnormal working conditions, failure to follow our instructions, misuse, or alteration or repair of the product without our approval.

2.4.5 This product has been purchased for your own use, and not used for hire purposes;

2.4.6 This Guarantee extends to the cost of carriage incurred by you returning the product to FOX UK as long as it is demonstrated that the defect falls within the terms of this Guarantee
and you follow the claims procedure as outlined in subsection 3 below.

2.5 The Guarantee period commences on the date of purchase from the retailer.

2.6 A replacement machine or any form of credit is entirely at the discretion of FOX UK. If a replacement is made, the warranty period commenced on the purchase date of the initial machine.

2.8 This guarantee does not extend to working parts which need replacing under normal wear and tear. i.e. belts, blades etc.


3.1 In the first instance please contact the retailer who supplied the product to you. Many initial problems with machines originally thought to be due to faulty parts are solved by correct setting up or adjustment of the machines. Your dealer should be able to resolve the majority of these issues much more quickly than processing a claim under the guarantee.

3.2 If the dealer who supplied the product to you has been unable to satisfy your query, any claim made under this Guarantee should be made directly to FOX UK. A FOX Return Claim Form complete with an FR Number will be emailed to you which should be completed in full and returned as soon as possible. Please note that this form must be returned within 30 days or the claim is invalidated.

3.3 It is essential that any claim reaches FOX UK by the last day of this Guarantee at the latest. No late claims will be considered.

3.4 We will contact you once we have received your initial claim form. If it is necessary to return the item, in most cases but subject always to clause 2.4.5, we will arrange for collection or will provide freepost information to enable return depending on the product's weight and size.

3.5 FOX UK will contact you direct should further information be required or needs to be communicated in respect of the repair. Should there be no response within a period of 30 days
the machine will be scrapped.

This Guarantee applies to all machines purchased for use within the UK and Ireland from an authorised retailer of FOX UK within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. This
Guarantee does not confer any rights other than those expressly set out above and does not cover any claims for consequential loss or damage.
This Guarantee is offered as an extra benefit and does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.
Additional written copies of this Guarantee are available. Please send a stamped and self addressed envelope for each copy of the Guarantee requested.

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