100mm (4″) Diameter Clear PVC Tube x 900mm (36″) Long- 100TUBE

£17.50 excl. VAT (£21.00 incl. VAT if applicable)


100mm (4″) Diameter Clear PVC Tube x 900mm (36″) long.

Ideal for installing your own custom made 100mm (4″) dust extraction system around your workshop.

Elbows, T-Pieces, Gates, reducers and Y-Pieces can all be connected onto the tube by using the 100SL Sleeve.

Wall brackets, 100WH or 100J are also available to attach the tubing system to the wall and once the tubing is installed you can use our 100FLEX flexible hose to connect to your machine outlet.

Also available in the 100mm (4″) System range

  • 100SP Splice
  • 100SL Sleeve
  • 100E Elbow
  • 100Y Y-Piece
  • 100T T-Piece
  • 100G Gate
  • 100QC Quick Connector
  • 100WH Wall Bracket
  • 100J Wall Bracket
  • 100TN Tapered Nozzle
  • 100HC Hose Clip
  • A range of reducers and Dust Hoods