Charnwood Rebating block for Spindle Moulders – RCB10030

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Spindle moulder cutter block, specifically designed for rebating. Fits any moulder with a 30mm diameter spindle.
The cutterblock has 2, double edged, planing knives and 2 spur cutters. The spur cutters give a clean crisp edge to the internal corner when rebating. The spurs can removed if required.

The rebate block can be used for cutting curved timber, but should only be used with an appropriate ring fence and guard fitted to the spindle moulder.

The cutting knives are double edged and replacements are supplied as a pair. The spur cutters have 4 points and replacements are supplied as a set of 4.

Diameter 100mm
Height 50mm
Bore 30mm
Weight 0.9kg
Rating Trade