Charnwood VIPER3R 4 Jaw Geared Scroll Chuck M33x3.5mm- VIPER3R

ALSO LOOK AT THE FOX FX4000 VIRTUALLY IDENTICAL! ALL JAWS ARE INTER-CHANGEABLE BETWEEN THE 2 CHUCKS. The viper 3 has now matched the FX4000 with reversing screws.

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Charnwood VIPER3R 4 Jaw Geared Scroll Chuck M33 X 3.5mm

Charnwood VIPER3R 4 Jaw Geared Scroll Chuck M33 X 3.5mm is part of the Viper range from Charnwood. A 4″ sized scroll chuck, with the jaws adjusted by a geared mechanism for simple one handed operation. Self centring, high precision design. Ideal for Midi sized lathes and upwards. The VIPER3R is an upgrade with fixing screws to enable reverse turning. This is only possible on a direct threaded headstock. Therefore Any insert used will prevent the reverse tuning function.

The standard dovetail jaws can grip the workpiece both internally or externally depending on the style and shape of the piece to be turned.
The chuck fits directly onto lathes with headstock thread size M33x3.5mm for all other sizes an optional insert is required.

We also include a wood screw which clamps into the centre of the chuck for the initial mounting of bowl blanks.

Supplied with standard dovetail jaws, wood screw, T-bar for locking the jaws and T-handled hex key for swapping the jaws.

Also an extensive range of optional jaws and accessories available for the Viper range of chucks. These also fit the Fox FX4000 and other similar chuck.


Direct Mounting Thread M33 x 3.5mm
Chuck Body Diameter 95mm
Standard Jaws Expand from 45mm to 80mm
Standard Jaws Contract from 67mm to 32mm
Jaw Travel 35mm
Thread Depth 32mm
Weight 1900g
Rating Trade
Warranty 1 Year