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Charnwood W619P With W522 wheelbase & 40T blade

Product Description Charnwood W619P1 With W522 wheelbase & 40T blade

Package Deal includes:

  • W619 8″ Cast Iron Table Saw
  • W522 Wheel Kit
  • TB0840 40 Tooth TCT Low Noise Blade


W619 Saw


Charnwood W619 8″ Cast Iron Table Saw is a high quality  8″ table saw bench saw with cast iron work bench ideal for the small workshop. This is a top selling machine aimed at the home woodworker and light trade. Professional woodworking shops also buy them to compliment the large machines for undertaking smaller more delicate work. This is a best seller and we are yet to receive any negative feedback. Please remember before ordering the intended use, the 8″ cutting blade can sometimes be prohibitive.  So if you need a larger cutting depth look at the W629. The  Model we sell is now fitted with an upgraded quick action precision rip fence  as standard. Charnwood W619 8″ Cast Iron Table Saw also has a Quiet Induction Motor.


Key Features


Cast Iron Precision Ground Table
Extension Tables as Standard Equipment
Sliding Carriage as Standard Equipment
Separate Handwheels for Blade Adjustment
50mm Dust Extraction Outlet
Solid Floorstand Base Included
Optional Wheel Kit


A compact, high quality table saw, also with a quiet induction motor. The main table is precision ground cast iron, and has 2 fabricated side extension tables thus it has an impressive cutting capacity.  The induction motor turns the blade via a drive belt which also reduces noise and increases accuracy. Blade height and blade angle are controlled using 2 separate handwheels. The sliding carriage, also included as standard, is a joy to use with a cast iron bed travelling on 4 bearing guides. Any angle can be set on the long support fence. A screw clamp holds the work secure and a flip over length stop is fitted for repeat cuts. For storage the right hand extension and sliding carriage can be removed in less than a minute and rebuilt in 2 1/2 minutes with no setting up required.


Supplied with the machine

Supplied with 20 tooth TCT saw blade, sliding carriage, extension tables, floorstand, push stick, adjustable feet, cable and plug.


W522 Wheel Base


Convert your machines into portable units by adding this highly adaptable wheel base. There are two fixed wheels and two steering wheels allowing excellent manoeuvring across a relatively flat floor surface. Step on the two foot plates to lower the wheels for moving the machine, then raise the two foot plates to lower the base back onto the adjustable rubber feet.


TB0840 Saw blade


High quality precision blade for professional users packed with the latest technology.

  • Laser Cut Plate – Premium Quality SK5 Steel
  • Resin Filled Laser Cut Slots – Noise Reduction
  • Black Electro Plated Finish – Protects from Corrosion
  • Tungsten Carbide Tipped – 40 Teeth
  • Tri-Metal Brazing – Shock resistant
  • Alternative Top Bevel Grind – Fast Clean Cuts


Main Table Size 530mm x 1000mm
Maximum Ripping Width Using Fence 730mm
Crosscut Table Size 400mm x 180mm
Maximum Crosscutting Width 600mm (700mm Using Reverse Table)
Blade Tilt 90 – 45 degrees
Cutting Depth at 90 degrees 60mm
Cutting Depth at 45 degrees 47mm
Blade Diameter 200mm
Blade Bore 30mm
Work Table Height 860mm
Mitre Guide T-Slot Width 15/19mm
Mitre Guide T-Slot Depth 7mm
Motor (induction) 1100w (1.5hp) / 240v
No-Load Blade Speed 4700 rpm
Minimum Blade Width (Kerf) 2.6mm
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1460 x 1010 x 1030mm
Weight 90Kg
Rating Light Trade
Warranty 5 Year

 It is highly recommended that a dust extractor is used at all times with this saw to prevent the harmful build up of dust and chips. The hose kit supplied collects dust from the sawguard and takes it to the single 100mm diameter hose connection point at the back of the machine.

Please note: It is not possible to use a stacked dado set with this saw.

 W619PSF Owners Manual.pdf

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