Charnwood W650P saw W522 Wheels & 60T blade – W650P

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Charnwood W650P saw W522 Wheels & 60T blade – W650P

Charnwood W650P saw W522 Wheels & 60T blade – W650P this saw has been designed for the small professional workshop.This package includes:

  • W650 Saw
  • W522 Wheelbase
  • TB1060 60 Tooth TCT Low Noise Blade


The Key Features of the Charnwood W650 10 inch Table Saw are:


Quiet 3hp Induction Motor
Cast Iron Precision Ground Table
Extension Tables as Standard Equipment
Finely Adjustable Rip Fence
Sliding Carriage as Standard Equipment
Separate Handwheels for Blade Adjustment
100mm Dust Extraction Outlet
Optional Wheel Kit


General Description


Charnwood W650 10 inch Table Saw main table is made from precision ground cast iron therefore giveing a flat surface that will last forever. The surface area is also further increased with the addition of 2 steel extension tables therefore offering greater support when working with larger panels and boards.

The guide fence for ripping operations also slides smoothly along a solid steel bar with a measuring scale marked out in millimetres. The fence itself can be used in two positions. One position allows for very thin cuts to be made in thin materials without obstructing the blade guard. Another great feature of the fence system is the addition of a micro adjuster. Therefore allowing accurate small adjustments to be made when setting the position of the fence.

The sliding mitre fence is also adjustable to 60 degrees in each direction. It is provided with preset stops to locate it accurately at 45 degrees and 90 degrees. Therefore a sacrificial fence can be easily mounted using the fixing holes provided.

On the left hand side of the saw is the sliding crosscut carriage. The table is also made from cast iron and precision ground thus allowing for a durable flat surface. The table also  runs on four sealed for life bearings along an aluminium guide track. The fence itself can be locked at any angle from 90 to 45 degrees and a positive stop allows the fence returns back to the 90 degree position. A work clamp also ensures timber stays locked in position during the cut. A flip-over length stop to allow for accurate repeat cutting completes the carriage assembly.

The W650 in operation

The power is generated by a 2200w (3 hp) induction motor therefore it gives a low noise level and will also run from any standard 13amp, 240v power supply.
Setting the sawblade angle and height is done using two separate hand wheels. A large easy to read scale on the front face of the machine allows accurate bevel angles to be set.

Efficient dust extraction is also included as standard. Dust is collected from the back of the saw guard and a hose transfers it to the rear of the machine. Underneath the table is a hood which collects more dust and also transfers it to the same collection point. A single extractor hose connection point of 100mm diameter is provided at the rear of the machine. Therefore allowing it to be connected to your dust extraction system.

The table saw is also supplied with four adjustable feet. This is to allow for levelling on an uneven surface. For anybody needing to move the saw around the workshop many of our customers also purchase the universal wheel base W522.

The Charnwood W650 10 inch Table Saw is supplied with 36 tooth TCT sawblade, push stick, rip fence, mitre guide, cable and plug.


W522 Wheel Base


Convert your machines into portable units by adding this highly adaptable wheel base. There are two fixed wheels and two steering wheels allowing excellent manoeuvring across a relatively flat floor surface. Step on the two foot plates to lower the wheels for moving the machine, then raise the two foot plates to lower the base back onto the adjustable rubber feet.


TB1060 Saw blade


High quality precision blade for professional users packed with the latest technology.

  • Laser Cut Plate – Premium Quality SK5 Steel
  • Resin Filled Laser Cut Slots – Noise Reduction
  • Black Electro Plated Finish – Protects from Corrosion
  • Tungsten Carbide Tipped – 40 Teeth
  • Tri-Metal Brazing – Shock resistant
  • Alternative Top Bevel Grind – Fast Clean Cuts

Main Table Size 750mm x 1000mm
Maximum Ripping Width Using Fence 605mm
Crosscut Table Size 400mm x 180mm
Maximum Crosscutting Width 550mm (700mm Using Reverse Table)
Blade Tilt 90 – 45 degrees
Cutting Depth at 90 degrees 80mm
Cutting Depth at 45 degrees 40mm
Blade Diameter 250mm
Blade Bore 30mm
Work Table Height 830mm
Motor (induction) 2200w (3hp) / 240v
No-load Blade Speed 4000rpm
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1440mm x 1070mm x 1120mm
Weight 125Kg
Db (Without Load/With Load) 81Db/89.5Db
Rating Trade
Warranty 5 Year

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