Charnwood W815 Mini Lathe – W815

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Charnwood W815 Mini Lathe

Charnwood W815 Mini Lathe is high quality mini woodworking lathe. Therefore ideal for the production of smaller pieces.  It is also ideal where the workshop size does not allow for a longer lathe bed. Consequently because of its small size it is recommended for Pen Turning.

The Charnwood W815 Mini Lathe bed, headstock and tailstock are all constructed from cast iron. This significantly reduces vibration allowing free running.  Also the compact size of the Charnwood W815 Mini Lathe is a great benefit. It allows easy movement as the weight is manageable.Therefore the lathe can be removed from the bench when not in use.

The Viper 2 is also a perfect accessory for this lathe. It provides greater versatility than the W810 that is included in the W815P package deal.

Key Features

The lathe is controlled using an Electronic variable speed controller. Hence it allows the ideal speed to be quickly selected for jobs of any size and diameter. The new cam lock banjo design is even easier to use. Also when coupled with the new round bar tool rest it creates and easy to use combination. The tool rest crossbar can also be removed from the stem. Therefore allowing crossbars of different length to be used. In addition the cross bars are also compatible with the Robert Sorby range of cross bars. Hence providing the user with a great choice of British made accessories.

A handy storage rack is also included to keep centres, faceplates and service tools in one place and ready to go.

Supplied with four prong drive centre, revolving tail centre, 150mm (6″) tool rest cross bar with 12mm diameter stem, 75mm (3″) diameter faceplate, cable and plug.

Distance between centres 300mm (13″)
Distance over bed 200mm (8″)
Motor (carbon brush) 250w (1/3hp), 240v
Speeds 750 – 3200rpm
Spindle thread size 1″ x 8tpi
Head and tailstock tapers 1MT
Dimensions (WxDxH) 690mm x 220mm x 310mm
Weight 20kg
Rating Hobby
Warranty 1 Year

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