Longworth LSC12 Chuck 12″ diameter – LSC12

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Longworth LSC12 Chuck 12″ diameter

Longworth LSC12 Chuck 12″ diameter. Developed in Australia, designed for the woodturner to speed up the process of finishing wood turned bowls and platters.

Re-chucking bowls and platters for finishing or light shaping has always been something woodturners want to solve. Thus the Longworth chuck makes it easy. The self-centering scroll operation quickly adjusts to fit the work and tightening  only takes a few seconds. Designed for clamping in a traditional 4 jaw-self-centering chuck using standard 50mm dovetail jaws. It eliminates the time and hassle of removing and remounting chuck jaws needed when using regular re-chucking jaws. Non-marking premium silicone grippers provide pliable yet firm gripping power. Precision cut plates provide ultimate performance and reliability. Recommended maximum speed is 600 rpm. Chuck size indicates the minimum lathe swing for which it is intended. Maximum external gripping capacity is approximately 2″ smaller than chuck diameter.