PP73 Pyrography Knife Points (Mixed Set) – PP73

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PP73 Pyrography Knife Points (Mixed Set) – PP73

PP73 Pyrography Knife Points (Mixed Set) – PP73. New to the Peter Child range of pyrography accessories; Knife Points.

The Mixed Set of Pyrography Knife Points includes:

  • 1 x Chisel Point: Ideal for creating parallel/straight lines and shading.
  • 1 x Knife Point: Has an angled or slanted burning tip, ideal for feathering and hair detailing.
  • 1 x Skew PointThe pointed edge is perfect for getting into tight places and for burning fine details.

Made from thicker 22 SWG Nickel Chromium wire and, with normal use, will last many years. Thicker points do need a higher setting to get a given temperature. The best heat control setting will be determined after a little practice and depends on your individual technique.

Please take care when inserting these tips into the pen as some of them are sharp.