Scheppach DM460T Drive Belt – DMT460T-4902301004

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Scheppach DM460T Drive Belt

Scheppach DM460T Drive Belt. This is for the genuine Scheppach replacement drive belt.


About the Lathe


Scheppach DM460T Lathe 240v is the replacement for the DMT 450. The DM460T is a midi lathe. It is virtually identical it has a slightly larger bed and has adopted the m33 x 3.5mm standard Euro headstock, which most lathes are moving toward. It is the ideal machine for the woodturner who requires a professional quality machine dedicated to small or miniature work. The smallest model within the range of Scheppach lathes, it runs true and vibration free benefitting from solid cast iron construction, powerful induction motor and five step pulley speed range.


  • Solid cast iron construction
  • Smooth 0.75 HP induction motor
  • Light enough to transport in the boot of a car
  • Cast iron lathe bed for stability and low vibration
  • Years of trouble-free turning