Scheppach Precisa 4.0 with STC – 190 1303 901/2-P1

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Scheppach Precisa 4.0 with STC available in 230V(16amp) or 415v

Scheppach Precisa 4.0 with STC (sliding carriage). Designed in Germany, made in Germany and also tested in Germany. This circular sawbench is proven over decades in both our Germany and international markets that also includes the UK.. This machine is for the dedicated woodworking workshop. Efficient sawing through precision and stability. The impressive cutting depth at a constant cutting speed allows working without tearing out. As with our professional machines, the extensive accessory range increases the versatility.

With 2 power options available at the same price, (select on drop down) making this machine an outstanding addition to any workshop.

This package includes the STC. We also offer a package with only the Table Width Extension (P2A) and Package 2 which includes both the sliding table carriage and table width extension (STC & TWE).

scheppach features

  • Cutting height at 90°: 87 mm, at 45° max. 64 mm
  • Sturdy machined cast-iron table
  • Versatile through extensive accessory range

Cutting data

  • Height of cut at 90°: 87 mm, at 45° max. 64 mm
  • Cutting width with ripping fence 405 mm
  • Width of cut with ripping fence and table width extension 1100 mm
  • Cutting depth in front of sawblade with cross-cutting gauge 260 mm
  • Depth of Cut in front of sawblade with sliding table carriage 1400: 800 mm; with sliding table carriage 2000: 1400 mm

Standard equipment

  • Cross-cutting gauge, swinging range 2 x 60°
  • Table length extension 420 x 670 mm
  • Fence with magnifying glass and reversible fence rail 800 mm lang
  • Suction hose-ø 50 mm, sawblade cover
  • Push stick, push handle, assembly tools

The price is the same for both versions the 3 phase machine has a more powerful motor at 4.8kw the 240 volt (16amp) is 3.0kw




Dimensions L x W x H: 910 x 750 x 570 mm
Motor speed: 2740 rpm 2690 rpm
Saw blade Ø: 270 mm
Table size: 800 x 680 mm
Table height: 850 mm
Cutting depth at 90°: max. 87 mm
Cutting depth at 45°: max. 64 mm
Saw blade adjustable: 0° – 45°
Motor: 230 V~ / 50 Hz / 400 V / 50 Hz
Input: 2600 W / 3800 W

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