Scheppach Precisa 6.0 Saw 2m STC and TWE – 1901304901-P2

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Scheppach Precisa 6.0 with 2m STC and TWE (sliding table carriage)

The Scheppach Precisa 6.0 Bench Saw with 2m STC and TWE. Marketed as Package 2. – making it the ultimate circular saw bench for precision and versatility. This version is the basic saw only. Other packages are available for sale on the website.

Scheppach have been producing the 4000 series of saw bench for over 20 years for the professional user. The Scheppach Precisa 6.0 Bench Saw carries on this tradition. This experience has allowed Scheppach to bring to the industry probably the best saw bench in its class – the  Scheppach Precisa 6.0 Bench Saw.

At first glance, discerning customers will recognize the overall quality built into this machine. Innovative design and patented technical features elevate the Precisa 6.0 above the competition. This makes it a must have machine for the craftsman who requires only the best.

The Scheppach Precisa 6.0 Bench Saw further enhances Scheppach’s reputation for producing high quality, precision machines. This is  due to the welded steel, torsion-resistant frame giving this sawtable a really solid feel. Also two separate handwheels operate the rise, fall and tilting action of the saw blade. This is also above average cutting depth of 110 mm. Scheppach Precisa 6.0 Bench Saw is powered by a powerful 3.5 HP induction motor ( this increases to 4.8KW 5-6HP on the 3 phase version ).

Key Features

  • The maximum cutting height of 107 mm is unique in this class.
  • Cutting height at 90° max. 107 mm, at 45° max. 77 mm
  • Width of cut with ripping fence 390 mm
  • Cutting width with table width extension 1100 mm
  • Depth of cut in front of sawblade with sliding table carriage 1400 mm
  • Cutting speed 66 m/sec for fast cuts without tearing out
  • Quick and precise adjustment for large work pieces
  • Powerful 4800 Watt (3000 W / 220 – 240 V~) induction motor
  • Long life TCT blade – Ø 315 mm
  • Sturdy machined cast-iron table
  • Two fixed hand wheels made of cast-iron for height and angle adjustment

Supported with additional sliding table carriage and table width extension, ( both optional extras available in other packages listed on this website) the basic saw can be fitted out to aid the accurate sizing of sheet material. A maximum cutting capacity of 1,400 mm x 1,100 mm make it ideal for handling 8’ x 4’ panels. For those who handle heavier than average panels, a hinged swivel support arm for the sliding table carriage is available.

Scheppach Precisa 6.0 Bench Saw has a foot recess created to allow the operator a more comfortable working position. An optional wheel assembly when fitted will also facilitate easy movement for the workshop with limited space.

In all, the Scheppach Precisa 6.0 Bench Saw impresses in every department, but it’s only in use that the true value and benefit of this machine will be recognized.

Size L x W x H 1,350 x 760 x 1,100mm
Table size 805 x 680mm
Table height 850mm
Sliding carriage 440 x 670mm
Sawblade Ø 315mm/48teeth
Height adjustment 0 – 110mm
Tilting range°0 – 45
Cutting depth at 90/45° 110/77mm
Speed 4,000rpm
Cutting speed 66m/sec
Ripping fence length 800mm
Angle fence260mm
Suction connector Ø 100mm
Weight approx 215kg
Cutting width ripping fence 390mm
With table width extension 1100mm
Angle fence 260mm
Sliding carriage 2000mm
Motor 220-240V/50Hz
Input kW 3
Speed 2,740rpm
Brake yes
Motor protection yes
Switch/plug unit with no-volt release yes

4 year warranty