Scheppach Tiger 2000s wetstone sharpener/grinder -8949 0930

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Scheppach Tiger 2000s wetstone sharpener/grinderScheppach 200mm (8″)

Scheppach Tiger 2000s wet stone sharpener/grinder is a 200mm (8″) wet and dry sharpening system. Correct grinding and honing is an art in and of itself. Without training and experience, costly mistakes can be made and expensive tooling ruined. Now, all the technique you need for professional results has been ”built in“ the Scheppach TiGer 2000s / 2500 wet and dry grinding/honing system. Your machine is the ”professional“ – you get perfect grinding every time.

Just like old-fashioned grinders, the Tiger stone runs slowly in a water trough so that the tool never looses its temper due to overheating. With the special stone containing grains of aluminium oxide, you achieve perfect grinding results much quicker than with any other machine. The grinding stone is also ideal for HSS tools.

The leather honing wheel removes the burr and gives a perfectly polished cutting edge. It is removable to allow unhindered access to the grindstone when grinding long knives or tools. The powerful motor protected from water splashes by an enclosed housing, is made for continuous operation.


Supplied with the Scheppach Tiger 2000s


  • Jig 70 Straight Edge plane irons, straight chisels etc.
  • Angle guide
  • Honing Paste
  • Leather Honing wheel

Dimensions ( L / W / H ) 360 x 285 x 275mm
Grinding stone size 200mm x 40mm
Material top-quality grindstone with grinding grains of aluminium oxide
Honing disc ø mm 200mm x 30mm
Material leather honing wheel
Weight approx. 13.5kgs
Motor 230–240 V/50 Hz
Input 120kw
Rotation speed 120rpm