Scheppach Woova 3.0 Dust Extractor – 240v or 415v – 1906302901-2

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Scheppach Woova 3.0 Dust Extractor

The Woova 3.0 Dust Extractor is a very efficient dust extractor. It has been designed to be fitted to dust producing woodworking machinery. Operating at 1000 cubic litres per hour and for long running times it is therefore perfect choice for busy workshops. Efficiency in extraction is achieved by the inclusion of an excellent propeller system. This pushes the air into a separation system. Upon contaminated air passing through this unit the dust and shavings separate. The course particles are directed to a plastic collection bag allowing easy disposal when full. The cleaned air is returned to the workshop via the filter system. This therefore, creates air recycling thus also returning heated air to the workshop.


Optional Extra


Also, even Greater performance can be achieved by fitting the Scheppach Fine Filter. This works by removing particles from the air down to 0.5 microns. It is therefore perfect for safe and clean working conditions. This filter can be purchased as an optional extra or also as a package deal. This machine with Fine Filter package is separately listed.


Standard equipment Scheppach Scheppach Woova 3.0 Dust Extractor


The Scheppach Woova 3.0 Dust Extractor is supplied with. A sturdy wheel base. Waste bag. Hose. Connection piece. Earthing set for the fine filter and it is BIA tested.

This machine is made in Germany. Therefore this Dust Extractor is highly efficient and reliable. When fitted with the fine filter it also meets health and safety clean air requirements. Therefore this machine is also perfect in Education establishments supporting Scheppach or other brands of woodworking machinery.




This machine is available in 240V 13amp or 3 phase 415V.

Dimensions ( L / W / H ) 640 x 490 x 1,880mm
Air capacity 1,000 m3/h, 1/sec
Under pressure 1 mbar
Filter surface 80 m2
Filling capacity 2,500 litres
Hose length 2000mm
Hose Ø 100mm
Weight approx. 30kgs
Motor 230 V /50 Hz
Input 0.6kw (0.8hp)
Output 0.37kw (0.5hp)

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