SIP 01935 5 Piece Reducer for Dust Collectors – 01935

£17.99 excl. VAT (£21.59 incl. VAT if applicable)


SIP 01935 5 Piece Reducer

SIP 01935 5 Piece Reducer cones / adaptor kit is completely compatible with entire range of the SIP Dust Collector range. The default size from 100mm can be enlarged and reduced to suit all models in the SIP range. The kit will also fit any dust collector with a 100mm diameter intake.

  • 100mm default outlet size
  • Larger and smaller adaptors
  • Compatible with SIP Dust Collectors/Extractors
  • Adaptor sizes

These are the external diameters see specification for internal.

    • 105.0mm
    • 70.0mm
    • 45.0mm
    • 40.0mm
    • 35.0mm
• Ø 105mm     101mm internal diam.
• Ø 70mm       66mm internal diam.
• Ø 45mm       41mm internal diam.
• Ø 40mm       36mm internal diam.
• Ø 35mm       31mm internal diam.