SIP Chargestar Smart 18 Battery Charger Maintainer – 03981

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Chargestar Smart 18 Automatic

The SIP Chargestar 18 performs very well, primarily through it’s dual voltage capabilities. Its 3 stage charge programme make it ideal for WET, AGM and GEL batteries – all from a 230v supply.

230v (13amp) supply
6v / 12v charging voltages
100% rated output
Fast / deep charge mode
12amp maximum charging current
Overcharge/short circuit protection
Three stage charge programme: WET, AGM and GEL batteries
Our range includes equipment for all levels of use; from trade chargers right through to heavy duty Italian starters.

Technical Description:

ITEM NO. 03981
Supply 230v (13amp)
Charging Voltages 6v / 12v
Charge Rate Settings 2 settings
Max. Rated Current Output (Slow) 2amp
Max. Rated Current Output (Fast) 12amp
Rated Battery Capacity 40Ah to 160Ah
Battery Type(s) Gel, AGM, Wet Cell
Protections Overcharge, short circuit
Net Weight 1kg
Gross Weight 1.1kg
Packaged Dimensions 200 x 150 x 175mm