Tormek SB-250 Blackstone Silicon Stone – 702803

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Tormek SB-250 Blackstone Silicon Stone

Tormek SB-250 Blackstone Silicon Stone

The new generation of edge tools are becoming harder and also contain alloys. This also makes them tough to grind.The Tormek Blackstone silicon SB-250 is designed for hard materials and fast sharpening. It also delivers fast steel removal on HSS and exotic alloys and can also ‘touch up’ tungsten carbide.

The key to removing material efficiently at low rpm is very sharp grains with high hardness and relatively fine grit size. The SB-250 is made in the same grit size as the original Tormek grindstone. It can also be graded with the stone grader for fast material removal or fine surface finish.

Grit 220
Model SB-250
Wheel Diameter 250 mm
Wheel Width 50 mm