Zipper HB305 Planer thicknesser – ZI-HB305

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Zipper HB305 Planer thicknesser

Zipper HB305 Planer thicknesser. 

HB305 500mm x 305mm Planer & Thicknesser. Technical details max. Thicknessing cutting depth in mm 0-2. Planer fence in mm 635×127 fence tilt 90-135° planing table size in mm 1075×310. Motor power s1 in W 1800. Feed speed 6 m/min. Voltage 230V 50Hz . Outrigger table in mm 100 min. Workpiece thickness in mm 6 max. Workpiece thickness in mm 160 min. workpiece width in mm 305 table size in mm 500×305 cutting depth in mm 0-1,5. Shaft speed in min-1 9500. Cutter knives amount 2. Sound level in dB(A) 103 sound pressure level in dB(A) 92. Gross weight in kg 48 net weight in kg 42. Packaging width in mm 580 packaging length in mm 1180 packaging height in mm 570. EAN code 9120039238104




Key Highlights


  • powerful universal engine with belt drive
  • 2-knives cutterblock
  • large planer fence
  • constant feeder
  • incl. one pair of spare planer knives
  • flexible operation because of light weight
  • small space requirement




Technical details

max. thicknessing cutting depth in mm: 0-2
planer fence in mm: 635×127
fence tilt: 90-135°
planing table size in mm: 1075×310
motor data
motor power s1 in W: 1800
feed speed: 6 m/min
voltage: 230V 50Hz
outrigger table in mm: 100
workpiece measurements
min. workpiece thickness in mm: 6
max. workpiece thickness in mm: 160
min. workpiece width in mm: 305
table size in mm: 500×305
cutting depth in mm: 0-1,5
general planing
shaft speed in min-1: 9500
cutter knives amount: 2
volume level and vibration
sound power level in dB(A): 103
sound pressure level in dB(A): 92
gross weight in kg: 48
net weight in kg: 42
packaging width in mm: 580
packaging length in mm: 1.180
packaging height in mm: 570
general data
EAN code: 9120039238104