Made to Order Bandsaw Blades for Woodworking and Metal Cutting

Made to Order Bandsaw Blades

Our extensive range of blades is designed to cater to your specific requirements, offering a variety of lengths, depths, and TPI. Within this range, we provide Carbon Flex blades, which are primarily used for woodwork but can also be utilized for non-ferrous metals and thin gauge steel. Additionally, we offer M42 bi-metal blades that are specifically designed for metal cutting bandsaws.

Custom Blade

How to order your blade using the drop downs

  • Choose the band/blade length tin mm hat will fit your bandsaw
  • Choose the blade type - Woodworking or Metal Cutting
  • Choose the width you require (note if you need different widths you will have to make separate orders)
  • Choose the teeth per inch you require.

Simple checks prior to ordering.

Please check prior to ordering the maximum and minimum width of blade your machine will take. This is the dimension from the back of the blade to the tip of the cutting edge. If you have lost your manual, this information is often displayed on the manufactures plate fitted to the machine.

Choosing a Carbon Flex Blade

The TPI are fixed for the length of the blade.

General Rules and guidelines

A The thicker the piece you are cutting the less teeth per inch B Not sure a good average all-purpose blade is 6 teeth per inch C Fine cuts and thin pieces larger number of teeth per inch D If cutting curves narrow width blades make it easier E For non-ferrous metal 14 teeth per inch will do the trick.

Choosing a M42 Bi metal blade

The chart below gives a rough guide on the blade vari tpi required to cut different thickness of steel.

General Rule

A the thicker the steel the fewer the teeth.


Bandsaw blades are now ordered in mm for length however, imperial and metric width are utilised.

Imperial to Metric Widths:

1/8” 3 mm
1/4” 6 mm
3/8” 10 mm
1/2” 13 mm
5/8” 16 mm
3/4” 20 mm
1” 27 mm
1 ¼” 34 mm
1 ½” 41 mm
2” 54 mm
Solid bar width or diameter mm6101215202540506080100150200
Tubes & sections1234568101215203040
Wall thickness mm
Bimetal blades Vari-pitch TPI              10-14tpi