We sell a large range of leading woodworking machinery & tools plus machinery for workshops

Charnwood, Fox, Scheppach, Robert Sorby, Tormek, Jet, Femi, SIP  are just a selection of the top brand woodworking machinery, tools and machines and we supply for wood turners, builders, workshops, carpenters joiners, both the professional and the hobby market.

We sell table saws, bandsaws, lathes and chucks, spindle moulders, planer thicknessers, router tables sharpeners and grinders, including the ProEdge by Robert Sorby, pillar drills, morticers and a full range of dust extractors and accessories for customising your dust extraction system.

For Farm and garden we have available log splitters, log saws, shredders, rotary sieves generators, water pumps, pressure washers. The builder as well as table saws, mitre saws, plunge saws we have plaster/concrete paddle mixers, dry wall sanders as well as metal cutting bandsaws, grinders etc.

Moving to the workshop we supply heaters, welders, generators, plasma inverters, chargers, compressors, metal cutting saws etc. as well as furniture, including oak benches, work stands and work stations. This includes the fantastic Swedish manufactured Sjobergs.

We also have a section dedicated to picture framers where you will find mitre trimmers, framing kits, tab guns and tabs. All from our top brands, Scheppach, SIP, Charnwood, Tormek, Robert Sorby, Jet, Femi, Fox etc.

Fox Machinery

We have been selling Fox woodworking machinery and machines for many years. Fox machinery provides high quality machines at a great value price. The Fox dust extractors continue to be a best seller, providing the user with long reliable service. The Fox machine range includes table saws, mitre saws, spindle moulders, planer thicknessers,  pillar drills, morticers, dust extractors sanders and we are also able to supply spares for the current range and some of the machines that are no longer in production. All the fox machines carry a 3 year manufacturers warranty, year 1 parts and labour, years 2 & 3 parts only. This provides our customers with piece of mind and assurance that the machinery is sturdy and robust.

Poolewood Machinery &Amp; Tools
Poolewood Machinery &Amp; Tools


Scheppach machinery is manufactured for the workshop, site, farm and garden. Supporting both the hobbyist and professional alike. The Precisa table saws are robust and and well engineered as are the range of Scheppach Bandsaws, including the BASA range.  The Scheppach range includes, planer thicknessers, spindle moulders, lathes, generators, dry wall sanders, paddle mixers, plunge saws as well as log saws, log splitters and garden shredders and the ever popular rotary sieves. We also supply Scheppach Tiger grinders and the accessory jigs for them, making the machines versatile and flexible to use. We carry the woodturners range as well as the household range for knife sharpening and the like. As a German company, Scheppach design and engineering makes their products popular and reliable. This is best demonstrated by the range of table saws and band saws they sell. From simple and good value range right up to the professional workshop. All their machines are warranted for 12 months and up to 4 years for certain ranges.

Robert Sorby

Handcrafted woodworking tools for the wood turner made in the UK. Robert Sorby products represent premium quality. From the Patriot Chuck, with its many accessory jaws making use of any lathe an even better experience. Sovereign toolsets, provide multi inter changeable heads on a single handle remain a best seller as does the the Robert Sorby ProEdge sharpening system. The ProEdge takes the stress out of precision sharpening using a traditional grinder thus ensuring the correct angle on the wood turning tools to optimise performance. We stock its numerous accessories including replacement belts and jigs etc. We have in stock all the Robert Sorby Patriot chuck accessory jaws as well as steb centres. The Robert Sorby range is big, and whilst we hold the 100 most popular items including the full range of ProEdge belts, we are able to order in and supply the entire range of Robert Sorby product to our customers.

Poolewood Machinery &Amp; Tools
Poolewood Machinery &Amp; Tools


The Charnwood Table Saw range and bandsaw range is probably is first class and loved by the professional and hobbyist alike. Charnwood are still a family run business thus their core values of service and quality run through their entire range. They come with an extensive collection of accessory jaws to meet every wood turners ambitious project. we supply the entire range of Charnwood woodworking machinery, including, saw, pillar drills and bench presses, sanders, grinders and sharpeners, spindle moulders, planer thicknessers, router tables, and dust extractors and dust extraction accessories. The W791 and W792 are for the professional workshop which need their dust extractors to run for 8 hours continuously. We ship Charnwood woodworking machinery all around Europe in particular the table saws and band saws. Their reputation of quality is well known. Backed up by 1 year manufactures warranty, their engineering team are always on hand to help with questions and challenges, particularly during the machine set up. Charnwood also operate Framers Corner focusing on tools and machinery for the Picture Framer. We supply underpinners, mitre trimmers, tab guns and tabs.


We have supplied SIP Industrial products woodworking machinery for many years, their spindle moulders, bandsaws and table saws are particularly robust and perfect for the enthusiast with larger projects in mind  and the professional environment. They provide a full range of products including mitre saws, dust extractors, work benches etc everything that the woodworker needs. We have expanded this year the range of SIP products we supply. We have focused on the farm and garden and workshop environment. In particular generators, heaters, water pumps, welders, compressors, charger packs, as well as their log splitters. Much of their machinery is manufactured in the UK or Europe and are backed up by warranty of differing length depending on the product range and point of manufacture. Every SIP machine has at least a 12 months manufacturers warranty.

Poolewood Machinery &Amp; Tools

Thor Filtration

Thor Filtration are a UK based manufacturer having taken over the production of Air Filters when Microclean ceased production. Four Air Filters are currently available in their range and these have proven to be successful in operation.


New into the UK in 2019, Zipper is an Austrian Brand that has built a reputation on quality and reliability. founded 2008 ZIPPER Maschinen GmbH based in Schlüsslberg. The founders being Klaus Schörgenhuber, Erich Humer, Dipl.Ing. Daniel Schörgenhuber and Gerhard Rad.

Their full range includes: Electricity generators – Construction machinery – Garden tools – Log splitter – Woodworking

Although a young company it the founders have many years of know-how and therefore they have carefully selected their product range, which is aimed equally at the ambitious garden owner,  DIY craftsman and also at professional users. The range available in the UK currently does not cover their full range which will increase over time as the brand and reputation grows.


The ultimate in quality workshop benching. Investment in a Sjobergs bench is an investment for life. The Sjobergs range is versatile and adaptable and is the work bench of choice for the discerning woodworker.


We supply the every popular Nova range of chucks and accessories. This includes the Nova 3 and SupaNova chuck.  With the jaws interchangeable with the Robert Sorby Patriot, it enables wood turners to have flexibility in the chucks they use.


We stock a selection of the  PROXXON MICROMOT tools.  Proxxon are high quality fine power tools for model makers, instrument mechanics, form makers, tool makers, opticians, jewellers and more. All the tools you need for delicate work. They are quiet, precise and vibration-free for extended use during hours. The PROXXON range has over 50 machines and they are world leaders in miniature tools. If you cannot see what you want call us and we should be able to help you get what you are looking for at competitive prices.


Swedens Tormek is one of the best wet and dry grinder and sharpeners on the market. Available with a full range of accessory jigs for both the wood turner to sharpen his tools and the catering industry for knife sharpening.


With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing and a dedicated research and development team, JSP provide  their consumers with exceptional products & value added solutions thanks to their market driven focus and best in class manufacturing. JSP® products are manufactured under a worldwide QMS (Quality Management System) and meet the latest European and international safety standards. JSP® Branding and in-mould labelling service is offered on a wide variety of products allowing us to deliver safe, high quality bespoke PPE solutions to many industries around the world.


The roots of HOLZMANN and ZIPPER are reaching back as far as into the year 1886. Back then Johann Schörgenhuber sen. with a very few employees founded his smithery in Haslach.

A few years later Johann Schörgenhuber jun. took over the smithery from his father and started with the trading of various products too. The foundation for a successful trading company was thus laid.

1995 Klaus Schörgenhuber and his partner Erich Humer brought the trademark “HOLZMANN” to life and ventured with their woodworking and metalworking machinery the big step into the international market.

In 2008 Daniel Schörgenhuber and Gerhard Rad founded the Company “ZIPPER”. The two brands were able to successfully establish themselves on the global market.
As of today, the corporate group is one of the global players in the field of machinery and workshop equipment.

The coordination and execution of business proceedings are carried out in different locations and countries.



JASIC is an international developer, manufacturer and supplier of welding inverters and integrated welding solutions that represent value, reliability, and innovation. An international sales network in 60 countries – JASIC has a worldwide reputation for providing the best quality with exceptional service.

In March 2011, JASIC was successfully launched on the Shenzhen stock exchange and now has realistic ambitions to become the largest manufacturer of welding inverters in the world today.

JASIC has a certified ISO 9001 quality management system and a product range that fully complies with CE, UKCA, RoHS, C-TICK, CSA and CCC standard.

One of the UK’s largest and most dynamic independent suppliers of industrial equipment Wilkinson Star is the exclusive UK importer of Jasic equipment and is a service led, expanding force in the welding industry since its formation over 35 years ago.

We present JASIC – striking looks, simple operation with highly advanced electronics.

Supported by the very best after sales service in the industry…

Join the Journey – Join JASIC


Wilkinson Star has been the sole UK distributor of products for leading Italian air compressor manufacturer Fiac since 1991.

In our purpose-built production facility in Manchester, we offer UK assembly of belt driven piston compressors ranging from 2hp-10hp, each machine is individually tested and fully conforms to current EC regulations thus giving peace of mind to the customer.

In addition, Fiac offer a wide range of Rotary screw compressors from 5.5hp-125hp, including integrated refrigerant dryers and inverter-controlled models.

Wilkinson Star also offers all the air accessories required to run off your compressor including vertical air receivers, paint spray equipment, air treatment products and air hoses, this coupled with an extensive selection of Air Tools from our Standard Power range make Wilkinson Star your one stop shop for all your compressed air needs.


The MOSA division of Wilkinson Star Ltd is the sole importer and after sales service agent for the full range of Engine Driven Welder Generators, Generating Sets & Lighting Towers manufactured by MOSA Italy, a company founded in 1963.

As the exclusive MOSA importer for the UK & Northern Ireland since 1993 Wilkinson Star has continued to build a strong reputation for product innovation, quality & reliability as


Service & support of the MOSA brand in the UK is provided through the MOSA sales & service depot located in modern premises in Cramlington, Northumberland with additional support from Manchester & Swindon depots of Wilkinson Star.

​MOSA Engine Driven Welder Generators, together with MOSA Generating Sets & Lighting Towers are supplied to a wide range of industry sectors in the UK including plant & tool hire, welding & engineering distributors, power generation specialists, Network Rail & London Underground contractors together with many overseas projects requiring the use of reliable equipment.

With the backing of Wilkinson Star and a commitment to customer service, product innovation, competitive pricing, and stock availability, MOSA offers you – the customer, a quality product with first class support.


Welcome to Planet Plus Ltd • A family business that has been supplying quality tools globally for the past 40 years. Our unique Rotur brand features some of the best Woodturning and Pen turning accessories in the market."