Charnwood NEXUS3RPACK Nexus3R Scroll Chuck Package – NEXUS3RPACK

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Charnwood NEXUS3RPACK Nexus3R Scroll Chuck Package

Charnwood NEXUS3RPACK Nexus3R Scroll Chuck Package is a comprehensive woodturners chuck package. The package consists of:

  • NEXUS3R Geared Scroll Chuck with M33 x 3.5mm Thread
  • Standard Dovetail Jaws
  • Pin Jaws
  • Stepped Jaws
  • Wide Jaws
  • Face Plate
  • 4 Prong Drive centre
  • Wood Screw
  • T Handle Square Drive
  • T Handle Hex Key
  • Aluminium Storage Case


The Nexus3R chuck offers wide compatibility with other chucks on the market. A 4″ sized scroll chuck, with the jaws adjusted by a geared mechanism for simple one handed operation. Self centring, high precision design. It is therefore Ideal for Midi sized lathes and upwards. The fully enclosed design also prevents the build up of chips and dust inside the gear mechanism.

The chuck fits directly onto lathes with headstock thread size M33x3.5mm. Therefore, for all other sizes an optional insert is required.

The locking screws allow the chuck to be locked onto the lathe spindle. This is providing the lathe conforms to DIN800 or T38 design. Reverse direction should only be used when the chuck is mounted directly onto an M33 x 3.5mm spindle thread. Therefore It should not be used in reverse when using a thread adapter.

What is in the Package


The standard dovetail jaws can grip the workpiece both internally or externally depending on the style and shape of the piece to be turned.

Pin jaws allow smaller pieces to held than the standard jaws. The inside is smooth and parallel, the outside is serrated for maximum grip.

The Stepped jaws have a serrated edge both internally and externally. They give great flexibility by combining standard sized jaws and pin jaws.

The Wide jaws have a serrated edge both internally and externally and can therefore grip much larger pieces than the standard jaws.

The Face Plate ring has a 106mm outside diameter and has a dovetail shaped inside which can therefore be gripped by using the standard Nexus3 jaws.

The Drive Centre allows spindles to be turned without removing your chuck from the lathe.

Charnwood also include a wood screw which clamps into the centre of the chuck for the initial mounting of bowl blanks.

T-Handle square drive is also provided for locking the jaws.

T-handled hex key for swapping the jaws.

The storage case has a foam liner to keep your chuck and all the accessories safe and ready to use.




Direct Mounting Thread M33 x 3.5
Chuck Body Diameter 95mm
Standard Jaws Expand from 53mm to 80mm
Standard Jaws Contract from 68mm to 41mm
Jaw Travel 27mm
Thread Depth 30mm
Weight 2165g
Rating Trade
Warranty 1 Year