Fox F28-182A Bandsaw – F28-182A

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Fox F28-182A Bandsaw

Fox F28-182A Bandsaw has been reintroduced into the Fox Bandsaw range. It replaces the F28-182. The principal difference between the 2 machines being:-


Fox F28-182A Bandsaw – F28-182A is the entry model bench top bandsaw from Fox and is therefore the ideal machine for the hobby user. It is also compact and thus would also snuggly fit into a small or tight woodworking workshop. The F28-182A bandsaw comes with a unique height cutting capacity of 80mm and width capacity of 200mm and also features:-

This benchtop bandsaw is the ideal machine for the small workshop. This bandsaw comes with a unique height cutting capacity of 80mm and width capacity of 200mm.

  • Work bench tilts to 45º
  • Induction motor for quiet operation
  • Micro switch on doors ensuring safety when changing blade
  • Blade capacity from 3 to 6.5mm wide
  • Unique cutting height of 80mm

It is important to think about why you need the bandsaw.  Most complaints we get are related to using a bandsaw for the wrong purpose or trying to cut beyond the saws capacity. Size, power of the motor are critical, you do get what you pay for when it comes to Bandsaws. Also sharp blades are essential!

Replacement band saw blades for both the F28-182 and F28-182A are 1400mm in length and we can supply these at competitive prices. The replacement blades we like to sell are British made to order, so flexibility in size and number of teeth is possible. Several of our customers use their F28/182/F28-182A bandsaw to cut non ferrous metal (fairly small sections) and we have supplied them with bandsaw blades with 14tpi.

Remember the higher the number TPI ( teeth per inch) the finer the cut. 3/4 TPI used for general ripping, 6tpi general use and 8 and above for finer more accurate cutting. The thiner the blade (front to back) dimension, the greater the ability to cut shapes. the deeper the blade, the more accurate the straight cuts will be. The popular sizes are on the website, if you want something a little different call us and we will be able to help you.


Motor: 250W – 240V
Table Dimensions: 300 x 300mm
Table Tilt Angle: 0˚-45˚
Cutting Capacity Throat: 200mm
Cutting Capacity Height: 80mm
Maximum Blade Width 6.5mm
Blade Length: 1400mm
Blade Speed: 900m/min
Dimensions (h x l x d): 720 x 350 x 275mm
Weight: 15.5kg
Barcode: 32700209503384
Warranty: 3 Years

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