Robert Sorby 446 Universal Sharpening System – 446

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 446 Universal Sharpening System by Robert Sorby

The Robert Sorby 446 Universal Sharpening System when fitted to a workbench can be used with grinders to make tool sharpening more accurate. This tool allows the woodworker to sharpen a host of regular shaped tools. This includes parting tools, scrapers, tips, plane irons, bench chisels etc. It construction means that its is adjustable for height so it may be used in conjunction with 6″ or 8″ bench grinders with equal ease. The platform is also adjustable to set the correct angle for sharpening each tool. A handy Angle Finder is also included. A nice touch is that the adjusting nuts are all captive so they are not lost in shavings. Therefore this robust, all-steel design is an ideal sharpening aid.

The 446 universal sharpening system is therefore suitable for all standard (ie non fingernail) woodturning tools. Possessing a stable all steel construction. Also, the large platform is fully adjustable. It also Includes angle finder jig for ease of angle setting and captive adjustment spanners. It is also upgradable to model 447